TNC Electronics manufactures Load Cells for a wide variety of weighing equipment, force measurement, and industrial systems. These products are used throughout many applications such as: silo/hopper weighing, vehicle weighing, platform weighing, belt weighing, pressure testing, and many more.

We also offer a Specialist Design and Manufacture service, catering for unusual applications, straight replacements, and replacements for obsolete products.

Our standard products and data sheets are listed below, for more information or technical enquiries  please contact us.

TNC2000 Pressure transducers, ranges from 5-2000 Bar.
TNC3000 S-Beam Load Cells, ranges from 1-7.5Te.
TNC3000 comp Compression S-Beam, ranges from 1-30Te.
TNC3500 Tension S-Beam, ranges from 3.5-7.5Te.
TNC4000 Shear beams, ranges from 250-2000kg.
TNC4500 Shear beams, ranges from 250-2000kg.
TNC5000 Low range S-Beams, ranges from 10kg-100kg.
TNC5100 S-Beams Alloy Steel, ranges from 50kg-5000kg.
TNC5500 Aluminium S-Beams, ranges from 0.5kN-50kN.
TNC9500 Compression Cells, ranges from 50Te-1500Te.
TNC500 Load measuring shackles, ranges from 5Te-400Te
TNC700 Low profile load cells, ranges 1Te-100Te.
TNC750 Low profile compression cells, ranges 500 kg-20000kg.
TNC810 Vessel/tank weighing load cells, ranges from 0.5Te-100Te.
TNC450 Seat belt tension load cells, ranges from 0-200N & 0-6.5kN.
Repair & Calibration Service for the load cell and weighing industry.
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